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E-Bikes are catching on fast and some rules apply.

In Canada, the Department of Transportation sets the benchmark federally, and the provinces or municipalities can add to the legislation, but cannot diminish it. If you intend to ride your electric assisted bike in British Columbia, the link below is helpful in defining what an electric assist bicycle really is.

Know the law pertaining to E-Bikes.

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Motor Vehicle Act
Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation


Cost Benefit of E-bikes  – The average car costs 50 cents a kilometre. It costs less than 4 cents to ride an electric bike the same distance! Those savings can add up quickly – for example, if you commute 30 kilometres to work, you’ll save almost $14. every time you commute, not including parking. If you commuted by bike just three times a week, you’d be saving over $2,000 a year!

Get there quicker on an E-bike  –  When others are stuck in traffic, you’ll be zooming toward your destination. Electric Assist Bicycles allow you to make the most of both bike lanes and bicycle paths to avoid getting caught in traffic. Better yet – you won’t need to worry about finding a parking spot! When you factor in the time savings, you’ll find that you can often get to your destination as fast (and sometimes even faster!) than you could by car.

Hills? There are no hills on an E-bike  –  Having to scale big hills can crush your motivation to ride. With an electric bike, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to conquer those annoying hills that stand between you and your destination. You’ll feel years younger – you might even feel like a kid again!

You’re doing yourself and the earth a favor  –  Your carbon footprint may not be too large, but every time you choose your electric bicycle instead of your car, you’re helping to dramatically reduce fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, lower carbon dioxide emissions, and overall air pollution. Riding an electric bicycle is a powerful, easy, and fun way you can tread more lightly on the planet.

When others see you arriving to work on time, feeling healthy and saving money, they’ll take notice. You won’t be the only one riding an electric assist bike. The numbers are growing every day. Be one of the first in your community to help start the shift towards a more economical, planet friendly movement.

Coastal Cycles is proud to partner with some of the best electric assist products available in the marketplace today; Bosch,  Shimano,  Bafang, etc. We are a retail dealer for Grin Technologies, a growing influence in the E-Bike sector.

We only sell products we can service in shop or through the manufacturer or distributor. Beware of low quality products sold by some big box stores and stand alone importers. Anyone can buy a container load of E-bikes from Asia and flog them to consumers at very low prices. In many cases you will have problems that are costly and time consuming. When you buy an assist system from us, you can rest assured that we can service it, and the warranty is not just a peace of paper.

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