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We keep people rolling!  Biking is for everyone, and for all ages. Back in the 1960’s , nobody drove you anywhere;  You walked or rode  your bike.  And, were still doing it at 50, 60, 70…. and well beyond.  Maybe we’re just stubborn. Phone or come by for a courteous conversation about electric assist trikes. We can make this happen for you.  250-391-1980

The most important thing to support life is mobility. Just keep moving, already. If you’re a child of an aging parent we strongly advise looking at recumbent tricycles as an activity for them.  Knee surgery and hip surgery are sometimes life-changing surgeries, but can be minimized by cycling activity, AND actually increase your level of physical activity.  Tricycles are safe transportation for people of all ages, actually. You can travel longer distances by trike than you can walking. If equipped with a basket or pannier you can carry groceries and other baggage with you, too. If the rider gets tired they can just stay seated until they are ready to roll once again.

Electric assist Tri-Rider’s are stable and easy to mount and dismount.


Tricycles are a great way for older persons to get around. Three wheels make for a stable ride and are quite easy to pedal. The “step through” design makes these types of trikes easy to mount and dismount. An added benefit is all the storage space trikes offer for groceries, pets or


  • Increased Stability

The trike’s third wheel provides greater stability than a bicycle, making it easier for you to keep your balance. This means you could crawl slowly up a hill without falling over, for example. If you hit loose gravel while riding the trike, you might just spin instead of losing control and falling over. Compared to a bicycle, a trike could be better for you, particularly if you have poor balance or a condition that prohibits you from riding an upright bike safely and comfortably.

  • Climbing

Electric  motor or no electric motor, when it comes to climbing hills, three-wheeled bikes, especially those with multiple gears, are more capable than traditional two-wheelers. On a two-wheeled bike, the rider must maintain a certain amount of forward motion to keep the bike upright. The three-wheeled bike rider, however, need not worry about balancing, so the rider can simply place the bike in a very low gear and pedal away at a comfortable pace to climb the hill without fear of falling over.

Tri-Rider R2 Trike Tri-Rider R2 Trike

  • Comfort

Trikes utilize a seat that distributes your weight across a large area. Greater weight distribution decreases the pressure you might otherwise feel in your bottom when you sit on the smaller seat found on upright bikes. Since your backside will feel more comfortable, you will be able to ride longer without pain and fatigue. The seat back allows you to adjust the recline as if you were driving a cat.

  • Exercise

Riding a trike is an enjoyable way to exercise. On an upright trike, your legs and arms do most of the work. However, when your legs out in front of you on the recumbent versions, you use more of your hamstrings and your core muscles when you pedal. Instead of propping your bike on a kickstand and standing next to it when you get tired, you can take a break while remaining in your seat.

  •  Electric Trikes

Electric tricycles are another great option that you may want to consider. They make pedaling optional so you can get some exercise when you want or let the trike do the work. The electric assist can be added to any type of trike, usually, or you can buy a trike directly with the help included.  For seniors, we can limit the amount of power and speed to prevent accidents.



Typical kit is approximately $2100.  plus taxes. Tricycles like the Belize Tri-rider R2 sell for $1650 which includes the shipping cost.  Prices may be subject to change.

Call or drop by our shop.  We’re happy you offer advise and test rides. Our experienced staff  will get you on a trike or electric assist trike, and you love it

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