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When you buy a bike from us, we stand behind it. Not only do we assemble the bike beyond what most shops do, we provide consultation and adjustments for the first year to every new owner. All new bikes and parts are guaranteed to be free of defects or poor workmanship. We stand behind our bikes and how they are put together.

electra_logo_2If you like choices with comfort and style this is the brand for you.  Click on the image to see what awaits you.



Our number one shop brand. This is a well respected name for all types of riders, and like our sign says we cater to all types of rider. Marin Bikes was established in 1986 in San Anselmo, California and celebrates its 24th anniversary this year. Its offices lie in the shadow of Mt. Tamalpais, commonly referred to as the birthplace of mountain biking and still at the heart of the sport. Today, Marin has a strong presence in the mountain bike field and is increasing it’s share of the electric assist bike market with he San Rafael DSE, employing  Shimano STEPS system.

BENNO_logoBenno Remidemi

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Benno was a skate and snowboard pioneer who dreamed of living in California. After graduating from design school he moved to San Diego where, in 1993, he co-founded the Electra Bicycle Company. Benno left the company in 2010 after its sale three years prior, but his restless desire to design better bikes and inspire people to ride remained, which lead him to create Benno Bikes in 2015.

We are now selling this very popular and economical brand of electric assist bicycles. Velec offers numerous frame styles, ensuring that every kind of rider can find what suits them and their budget.  These are also the lightest e-bikes we have in our shop. Just 18kg.

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