Taking Care of Bikes

Regular maintenance is something your bicycle needs. This includes cleaning, adjustments, and lubrication. Once a year minimum. Two to three times a year if you’re a full-time commuter.

Keep your bike Clean

This is a hard one for full time cycle commuters. But riding hard with no maintenance will cost you more money in the long run.
Wipe down your rims periodically and check the brake pads for proper alignment to the rim while you’re down there.  Removing the grit will slow the wear of your brake pads and rims, saving you money.

Remove the buildup of grim from your chain , derailleur, and jockey wheels and chain rings once in a while.  This ensures better contact of chain to sprockets, which prolongs the life of you drive train.
Sometimes it’s a good idea to remove the whole drive train and have it cleaned in a dunk tank.  Sparingly re-lube the chain and derailleur.

A Few Things to Consider

Train Cleaning ($30) is a good thing to do once or twice a year.  We’ll
remove all the grit and grease from your bike for a reasonable fee.

using biodegradable lube on your chain. Most dry out over time and
can’t be cleaned off, even in a solvent tank. You’re doing your share
for the planet just by riding a bike. Relax a bit and use a proper chain
lube. Your bike mechanic will appreciate it too.

Keep your tires
inflated to the recommended pressure. It’s embossed on the sidewall.
Clincher tires have tubes. Tubes breathe and will deflate over time. Top
them up once a week to prevent flats and lengthen tire life. We have
free air and oil available anytime we’re open.

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